You either have an opinion or you don’t. Right? Well, I have always had an opinion. Always had high standards, high expectations. Expect the best, anticipate the worst. Learning to adjust those expectations of people and own your talents is a hard concept for most. What are your strengths and weakness and what can be improved? Working on you…will be the hardest thing you ever do! Finding my inner power was my greatest gift to myself. Now being proud of it and owning it is my challenge!

Right out of college I worked for a major big box retail chain. I was just a small town girl and going to work at a corporate office full of all these women who traveled back and forth to New York was so intimidating at first. I took it upon myself to take notes on where they shopped, what kinds of makeup they wore, and when we went to dinner I paid attention to the wines they ordered. They obviously were “out and about” and I was just…well I was just there. I quickly realized that these women took care of themselves and I had better soon get with it.

And I did….much to my pocket book’s dismay. I love to travel, read, shop, decorate, exercise, and eat!