Aging In Reverse….

A lot of people ask me do you get botox? Have you had fillers? I have not. I am terrified of needles especially in my facial area. I think I would have a melt down. Now, one day I may look in the mirror and think “Wow…I need the Juice” but not right now. I actually started doing facials in my 20’s. The facials consisted of dermaplaning and using a light agent on my face since I have sensitive skin. Sometimes it was lactic acid and sometimes something a little stronger. The dermaplaning is supposed to prevent fine lines and wrinkles because you are removing the top layer of the epidermis to make room for new! I used to go religiously once a month. Also genetics play a big role in our appearance. Both of my Grandparents had little to no wrinkles as they aged into their 70’s. My Mother has almost no wrinkles as well and she is in her mid 60’s. Genetics play a large part of our make up but at what point do we need to start worrying about adding anti-aging products to our regime. In your 20’s you worry about the products you use clogging your pores and getting acne, so at what point do you sit up and take notice that you aren’t getting any younger and it is time to start trying to age in reverse.

According to Dr. Lancer on he states that ” Age 25 is the tipping point the skin has declared its repair mechanisms and that affects your entire body. Everyone should start seeing a board certified dermatologist at this point. Monthly facials are essential for detoxing pores and doing a mini peel.” I 100 percent agree with his findings. How you treat your skin in your 20’s will also determine how it will look later. If you treat your skin with great care then hopefully it will age as beautifully as you do.

I found a great article on about products  you should use in your 20’s and steps to implement, versus products you should use in your 40’s. I thought that it was very insightful. “The skincare products you need before you are Phillip Picardi.

(1) Swap your acne wash for cleansing milk. Something that won’t be so stripping.

(2) Was Twice a day…before bed and when you wake up.

(3) Start exfoliating three times a week. You have to stimulate our skin in order for it to repair itself. They say use the scrub at night so the skin has time to recover. 

(4) Stay away from astringent toners. Switch to Rosewater. Much calmer on the skin.

(5) Start using eye cream. Pat it in with your ring finger.

(6) Get diligent about your SPF usage. 15 to 30. Make sure it is in your moisturizer. 

(7) Get to know an antioxidant. You are young, you are wolfing down lunch, going to parties, too much alcohol. Antioxidants are key. Make you sure you apply to your neck as well. 

(8) Try a facial oil. The right oil can mend acne scars and breakouts. Don’t over do it. A couple drops will suffice. 

Then we start into our 30’s and once again our hormones change and our skin changes. Then we have to start adding in other products to combat aging. It truly is a never ending process if you choose to look your best. The article also tells you what to add in your 30’s.

(9) Add in a serum or upgrade your serum. Alpha Hydroxy acids will help to dry up hormonal breakouts and lightly exfoliate your skin.

(10) Add in Vitamin C. This will help and brighten spots and acne scars. (Skipping the serum or Vitamin C is like skipping your daily vitamin. 

(11) Let go of the alcohol based toner. Acid toning is essential because it will give you a mild exfoliation. 

(12) Time to invest in an anti aging treatment. 

(13) Time to add a night cream. You can use your facial oil or you can put on a night cream, then your facial oil.

(14) Update your eye cream. Treat the eye wrinkles. Add one with vitamin C. 

By 30 you really need to have your plan in place for your skin care. (As you read above) Your skin goes through a complete metamorphosis as we age. Especially in your 20’s. Your body’s ability to produce new skin cells slows down to a crawl. A crawl instead of a fast pace walk. So by the time you are 40 it will take you an hour to get ready for bed. Just kidding…..Now days you can find product that has a lot of the ingredients in one so you don’t have 100 bottles under the sink like I do. I just like to know that they are there and that I have it in case I need it. It is a problem. I admit. But by your 40’s you should have it down to just 5 steps. Less is more but the products you use need to pack a punch! You need to make sure you are getting some good results for your money.

(1) Exfoliate more often but gently. Your skin is drier now so your scrub needs to be mild.

(2) Add a hydrating serum. This will help plump and rehydrate.

(3) Go for richer antioxidants and sunscreens. This will safeguard collagen and fends off spots and skin cancers.

(4) Update your eye cream. A lot of women in their 40’s find their upper eye lids are way more lax than they used to be. Your clue to invest in an eye cream with retinol or a mild form of vitamin A. 

(5) Night Cream before bed to soothe your skin or a mask.

The products below I have purchased recently and love! The Micro Firm Neck & Decollete’ targets lines and wrinkles on the neck, collarbone, and bust. Glycerin, Argon, and Jojoba oils work with wild yam extract to infuse moisture and help fortify the skin. Glycol Acid helps smooth crepey looking skin and diminish the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone. The Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Eye Treatment Gel has bamboo sap that dramatically improves treatment product absorption for instant and long term hydration and skin defense. It quickly penetrates into skin to minimize fine lines, restoring skin density for youthful complexion.  The Skin Better Alpha Ret Overnight Cream Rejuvenation goes to work while the skin is at rest. It visibly reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. This revolutionary and proprietary retinoid technology provides visible skin rejuvenation with real retinoid efficacy with little to no irritation.

Neck CreamEye CreamFace Cream

I am 45 and I have found myself in search of a good neck cream. As all of these articles state, “Our skin looses its elasticity as we age.” So I took myself to the Esthetician that works in a plastic surgeons office across the street from where I work. I was told that the skin hanging down from my neck was fat. To remove the fat you can inject it, but the vials are 700-800 dollars and it usually takes three to four. UUUUHHHHH-NO! So I invested in a neck cream that she had that was $145.00. (See above) I like it and it is working. However, I have some friends who swear by NectiFirm and it is half the price. So with that being said do your homework on aging in order to see what works best for you and your budget. Saving for a facial every month or every couple months is well worth it. Trying to find a place that you like and a girl that is good and trustworthy is simply trial and error.

Good Luck!!!!
















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