All That Cabo Has to Offer…..

Ever been to San Jose Del Cabo? It is my absolute favorite vacation spot in the wold located at the southern tip of the California Baha Peninsula, Los Cabos. If you have never been it is worth the trip! From the car service to and from the airport, skilled concierge staff,  the personal chef and butler,  Villa’s Del Mar’s service is superior to none. You will think you have just landed on another planet it is so relaxing. With the 24 hour security and medical services at your disposal, all of your worries about being away from home will fade away once you see that view. To be able to call this place home for a week is a gift.

My friends and I have been going for four years now and every time we get a week set on the books we start to count down the time until we leave. The staff at Villas Del Mar in San Jose Del Cabo is the absolute best! A world renowned spa or in residence spa service, workout facility, and boundless activities await you. What are you waiting for? Take a cross training class, a pilates or yoga class, or water aerobics class. They have it all.  Once you arrive you are greeted with a welcome meal from your house managers that will be seeing to your every need for the week. You can plan your week accordingly. You can choose from a Chef cooking as many as three meals a day, to eating at one of their restaurants on the property, to having the house manager book a dinner for you at one of the local spots, or you can go to the grocery store and cook in. The possibilities are limitless. You are always bound to run into a celebrity when you are out on the town  to dinner so have your eyes peeled. I would love to share with you our top three fav’s when venturing to eat out in Cabo.

(1) El Farallon located at the Resort at Pedegral. Nestled on the side of a cliff. You select your cut of seafood, chicken, or beef and it is cooked for you to perfection. It is a stunning oceanfront restaurant that will take your breath away. Arrive before sundown to get the awesome view. As you can clearly see!

5-0be5e280cc0ce5eec69daeda2021ca77(2) Flora Farms….wow. Just wow! A 10 acre organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains. Not going to is in a remote location. Going on a long winding dirt road as chickens and livestock walk along side you going down the road, my friends and I were all skeptical. Then we arrive and it like something out of a fairy tale. All the strands of lights and walkways leading to these amazing shops. It is absolutely awesome. Organic farm to table is always a hit! See picture below!

flora-farms(3) Last but not least Acre…Oh My! Also nestled on farm land, when it is complete it will span over 25 acres. The have a fabulous restaurant, a wonderful elaborate cocktail menu, and are in the middle of designing a huge entertainment venue. From the decor to the food everything is local. Not gonna lie…saw a couple celebrities last time we were there.

Acre Baja.jpg

I would be remiss in not mentioning our all time favorite for lunch or dinner and that is The One & Only Palmilla. We have frequented this resort for both lunch, dinner, and shopping. Nestled on a piece of property alongside the Sea of Cortez you can access the property by going through the gates of Villas of Del Mar. Their level of discreet service is beyond anything I have ever seen. Having lunch alongside the Sea of Cortez is breathtaking.  The One & Only Palmilla affords the extraordinary views of the Los Cabos landscape. They house four of the most exquisite restaurants and three bars and lounges. Not to mention they have two areas for private dining if you should so require.


Cabo is Superior to none and when given the opportunity, whether you are staying at an All Inclusive or at a Private Resort Community the trip is worth it just the same!


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